Are there any low-carb options on a bakery menu?

Low-carb menu at Corner Bakery Cafe; tuna salad for harvest: choose two · 29 g; Uptown Turkey: choose any two · 31 g; BBLT: choose any two · 29 g; chicken DC. Breakfast at Corner Bakery Cafe is, for the most part, easy to avoid carbohydrates. Not ordering bread or potatoes eliminates most carbohydrates from dishes. For some, you can remove the onion and tomato to reduce carbohydrates, but they are vegetables and I like to eat as many vegetables as I can while maintaining a low carb and ketogenic diet.

Now that you know the drill, read on for 12 of our favorite keto options at Panera Bread. In the case of the ketogenic diet, you'll have to eliminate the bread or wrapper for each sandwich on the menu. While, in theory, this is good for your diet, Stoler reminds us that it can generate food waste and you're likely to continue paying full price for less food. However, it's doable if you're willing.

The breakfast menu is the best option for people on a ketogenic diet, since these foods are the lowest in total and net carbohydrates. While it's lower in carbs than standard cheesecake, it still contains 37 grams of total carbs (30 grams of net carbs) per serving.