Do the bakeries offer delivery services for their products?

The main reason why many of our customers request the delivery of their baked goods is because of convenience. Regardless of how you place your order, whether online or over the phone, you no longer have to leave your office or home to pick it up. Those days of running out in the heat and humidity of Houston or in a pouring rain to get to one of our bakeries are long gone. Bakery companies are launching delivery services, whether locally or nationally, to continue to thrive during the coronavirus pandemic.

Here, they discuss how to get started. Because vulnerable or self-isolating consumers can't or don't want to leave their homes or visit supermarkets, many bakeries are working with their suppliers to offer food, such as cheese, milk, meat, flour and eggs, along with their bakery products. Bakeries must also decide if they are local, regional or national, suggests Laurence Smith, owner of Fatherson Bakery.