How to sell bakery products online?

Book Like a Boss · 3.Customers can search for our products online, customize their cakes, choose the pick-up time and enter their payment online. The Shopify system sent the customer an order confirmation email and sent our bakery a confirmation of each order. Shopify is easy to use and customize. All templates, themes, products, and email pages are fully customizable.

Shopify helps you keep track of the inventory of baked goods prepared on your website. Once sold out, they will be marked as out of stock to prevent other customers from ordering that product. You'll receive an email and a notification in the Shopify app (on your phone or iPad) when you receive an order. You can also track orders online and mark them as fulfilled when you pick them up.

If you're like most bakers, you'll need advance notice to prepare your made-to-order pastries and treats. At my bakery, we required 7 to 14 days' notice for many of our bakery recipes. Some products needed more advance notice than others. You can add a booking app to your Shopify store for an additional monthly fee.

I used Shopify's BookThatApp app to organize my orders and allow customers to select a pickup date. Shopify has a ton of customization options. Free apps like Loyalty Lion allow my customers to earn Sweet Treat Rewards points when they buy our bakery products online. You can check out more options in the Shopify app store.

While I opted for Shopify to sell baked goods online at my bakery, Book Like a Boss is an even easier online ordering option for the owner of a smaller home bakery. Suppose you don't plan to ship your products, or you're looking for a quick way to organize a schedule online. In that case, Book Like a Boss is perfect for selling cakes online. I spent some time creating a Book Like a Boss account.

Even so, some settings needed some adjustments for baked goods, since this is mainly an online programmer. Every time I contacted, their customer service was quick and helpful. Weebly is an affordable website builder that offers a free plan perfect for home baking. Like Shopify, you can add a date picker to your baked goods through a booking app for an additional monthly fee.

They offer free and paid apps to help you target customers online and through social media platforms. With Square's integration into Weebly, in addition to selling online, you can quickly sell your bakery products in person at your store or at the local farmers market. Check out my seven baking secrets for amazingly moist pastries every time and my 15 best professional baking recipes for more baking tips. Try Shopify free for 3 days, with no credit card required.

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