What kind of business is a bakery?

A bakery can be established as a retail business from a store that sells baked goods to consumers, or a bakery can be established as a wholesale business that sells baked goods to retailers and food institutions. The term bakery refers to an establishment that is mainly dedicated to the production of baked goods such as bread and pastries. A private bakery refers to a small bakery business established by an individual, either as a sole proprietorship or as a private limited liability company. In many American households, bread is considered a staple food; therefore, private bakeries are assured of having a market ready for their products, as long as they operate efficiently and continue to offer high-quality products to their customers.

Retail bakeries are the most common type of bakery; they sell baked goods and loaves of bread directly to customers. Retail bakeries come in many different forms and often specialize in a particular type of baked goods. They require space in both the front and the back of the house. Bakery service styles will largely depend on the types of baked goods you plan to sell.

There are a lot of service styles to choose from, and to determine which one to choose, you'll want to ask yourself a few questions. Mobile bakeries or food trucks for bakeries are an excellent option if you're looking to serve a traveling clientele. For this type of business model, you'll have to focus on making pastries and hand cakes. You'll also have to look for locations, such as shopping districts or parks, where you can take your truck and find customers.

Home bakeries allow you to bake products from the comfort of your home. Keep in mind that you must apply for the appropriate permits to start a home bakery, so it's important to research everything you need before setting up your business. This type of establishment works best as a type of wholesale business, in which you will provide services to corporate institutions or restaurants. This type of bakery field is very competitive, but it can be very profitable if successful.

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Instead of selling to walk-in customers, wholesale bakeries sell to businesses such as restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, coffee shops and other bakeries. The business plan is an integral part of starting a bakery business because it establishes what type of bakery you want to open, how it will be structured, what type of products you are going to sell, marketing strategies and financial projections. To turn your bakery into a legitimate and profitable business, you'll need commercial-quality bakery equipment to help you produce all those baked goods without your tools being damaged in the process. Regardless of the type of bakery you are going to open, there are universal considerations for where to start your bakery business.