What types of breads are available on a bakery menu?

Types of bread: sourdough, baguette, brioche, focaccia, ciabata, rye bread, multigrain bread, pita. While Merriam-Webster defines bread as a generally baked and fermented food made from a mixture whose basic component is flour or flour, it can also be boiled, steamed or fried. Just about every culture in the world has its own type of bread, from Australia's iconic damper, a wheat-based bread that's traditionally baked with campfire embers, to the mantou, a steamed Chinese bun made with white flour, to the popular American banana bread, a quick bread that could be rated better as a dessert, but shhh, don't say it. Try our one-bowl chocolate banana bread recipe.

Nothing else in the bread family, not even the wonderful puff pastry croissant, evokes images of the Eiffel Tower and everything French like the baguette does. Long toothpick-shaped bread, also called French bread (thanks to its origins), is made with flour, yeast, water and salt. From these simple ingredients, the iconic baguette emerges, which is distinguished by its chewy dough, its interior as light as a feather and its bars on the top, which allow the gas to expand during baking. Would it really be an Italian meal without a serving of this fine dried bread on the table as an appetizer? Much smaller than a baguette, breadsticks are said to have originated in the country in the shape of a boot in the 17th century.

Nowadays, American restaurants sometimes serve them soft and warm, topped with cheese and garlic, or as a dessert with icing and cinnamon. One of the oldest types of French bread, the name refers to the shape, since boule means ball in French. A typical French petanque is a hearty, rustic-style bread. It has a chewy crust, an open crumb and a moderately soft interior and can be baked in a variety of sizes.

It is most often made with white bread flour, similar to the dough used for a baguette, however, a variety of flours and other ingredients can be used. Flaked puff pastry intertwined with Gouda cheese. Salty pastry filled with mashed potatoes and herbs. Salty pastry filled with spinach and feta cheese.

Soft, flaky chocolate rugelach shaped like a mini croissant. Mini croissant, mini pain au chocolat and mini cinnamon roll A bite-sized version of our famous puff pastry gouda cheese straw. Tortillas, naan bread, and pita bread are some of the most commonly used flatbreads here in the U.S. But did you know that there are almost 30 more cultural varieties? Flatbreads are, more generally speaking, thin, flat breads made with flour, salt, and some type of liquid (usually water or yogurt).

This makes them extremely versatile and great for fast foods such as homemade pizza. Even your beloved sandwich roll is a flatbread.